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So I downloaded and watched Kung-fu Panda II last night. It was pretty good. Don't ask why I downloaded it, I just wanted to, and Shen was awesome. Gary Oldman ftw?!

But maybe I'm just being picky but movies nowadays are so...blah to me. :c Like the avengers wasn't anything special and I'm honestly surprised it did as well as it did. Aside from the last fight scene the entire movie took place on the ship until the last half hour. It wasn't really spectacular but maybe I'm just being overly picky for action movies. Though it did have pretty good character development for that kind of movie and with that many main characters.

ANYWAY! I wish movies weren't so formulaic. I wish there was a movie where the bad guys came out on top! Sadly I don't think that'll happen anytime soon.
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Ah, Kung-Fu Panda was pretty awesome. I loved the white tiger's beatdown on Shi-Fu. I never got around to seeing Kung-Fu Panda 2, but sequels being sequels, I probably would have been disappointed.

There are a few movies I can think of where the "bad guys" come out on top. The problem is that a lot of people tend to confuse "protagonist" with "hero", and a lot of those movies apparently sucked anyway. Did you ever see "Doctor Horrible's Singalong Blog"? That's really the only one I can think of, and it's only 42 minutes.
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It is very silly. And it's...kind of a comedy. The first 35 minutes are a comedy. And then hoooooooly fuck, the ending. But, c'mon, Neil Patrick Harris. He's always fun to watch.

But I can most emphatically say that the bad guy? Comes out pretty far on top. It's just a matter of who you think the bad guy is.
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I think people would love for it to be a series, but Neil Patrick Harris is impossible to get ahold of. Hell, they're still waiting for him to be available for the sequel!

Cephreal's Hand, huh? Well, you've given me good books recs so far, so I'll go ahead and check that out! There's also apparently a steampunk Cinderella book I was looking at, called "Cinders". Mechanical doll girls, always a subject that's fascinated me.
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O_o I was wondering how you'd gotten Fear Institute when Amazon didn't have it! The more you know!

Your secret is safe with me, Levy!

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Have you seen the movie Se7en? Oldboy is another good one, though I've heard good things about The Vengeance Trilogy as a whole (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance).

Moon (science fiction/drama) is also a movie you might enjoy. The Brothers Bloom (comedy/conmen) is also a fun movie.
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The Vengeance Trilogy is a Korean film, DO NOT GET THE DUB. No, really, the dub is horrible. The subs should be pretty easy to find since Oldboy is a fairly popular movie.

TV Tropes actually has a whole page for "the bad guy wins" so there might be movies checking out there, but, well, spoilers.

"The Fall" is a good movie too, very beautiful. It's about a paralyzed stunt double that begins telling a little girl a story. Scenes within the hospital are interspersed with the story he tells her.

"Peacock" is another really good movie. Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page, drama/thriller. Not going to say more on that since it's kinda plot-twisty.

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It is~ The really cool thing is everything was shot on location and a lot of the cool effects weren't CG, but actually things they did.

You're welcome!