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Oh right forgot to mention it on here but...I PASSED CALCULUS. Finally. I am so relieved and I can only convey this is a manner of pusheen dance party so here it is.

Sadly though I probably can't minor in english. I have like no time to do so and I am sure as hell not staying down there for another few semesters to do so. I am going to take another english class with my physic class though. It's an easy A/B at least and helps boost my GPA too. Just...which one to take. For anyone curious these are the offered ones so far:

- ENGL*205*13 Literature and Culture
- ENGL*276*E1 Masterpiece World Lit II
- ENGL*277*03 Literature Across Cultures
- ENGL*305*01 American Literature I
- ENGL*307*01 The Age of Chaucer
- ENGL*318*01 The Victorian Age
- ENGL*323*01 Modern British/Irish Lit
- ENGL*368*01 Reading and Writing Poetry

Unsure so unsure...might do the Age of Chaucer or Modern Brit/Irish Lit...but hm I'll think about it. So many lovely courses to choose from~
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I've read some pre-Victorian and Victorian British literature for my British Sexualities class. It's...a mixed bag of stuff >_> . Fascinating to learn from, occasionally horrifying to read. I hope to god you wouldn't have to read "My Secret Life", but it's considered an iconic piece.

Poetry class would probably be good depending on the teacher. I took an East Asian poetry class and I think I would have loved it if I'd had a different teacher.
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Yeeeaaaah, I do feel you there. I think one of my only memories left of that class apart from this bizarre movie we watched for four weeks while the professor did paperwork, was finding this one really beautiful, evocative poem and as a result hoping like hell that we didn't go over it in class.

People still use rate my professor? O_o Well, dang. I should look into that, too. I hardly know any professors.
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Yeah. Case in point. Poetry sucks ass /shot

I sure do! I used it for picking out my calc professor for my summer class. >3> It's pretty up to date too so people do still use it!
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*_* Well, hot damn. I should use it for picking out my Stats professor!

I may talk a good game, Levy, but I do confess that having to take yet more math next semester is freaking me out a bit. Even though or perhaps especially because it's my father's favorite subject. I fully expect him to demand to go through every piece of homework I get given.
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Late comment but congrats on passing calculus!! \o/