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Oh right forgot to mention it on here but...I PASSED CALCULUS. Finally. I am so relieved and I can only convey this is a manner of pusheen dance party so here it is.

Sadly though I probably can't minor in english. I have like no time to do so and I am sure as hell not staying down there for another few semesters to do so. I am going to take another english class with my physic class though. It's an easy A/B at least and helps boost my GPA too. Just...which one to take. For anyone curious these are the offered ones so far:

- ENGL*205*13 Literature and Culture
- ENGL*276*E1 Masterpiece World Lit II
- ENGL*277*03 Literature Across Cultures
- ENGL*305*01 American Literature I
- ENGL*307*01 The Age of Chaucer
- ENGL*318*01 The Victorian Age
- ENGL*323*01 Modern British/Irish Lit
- ENGL*368*01 Reading and Writing Poetry

Unsure so unsure...might do the Age of Chaucer or Modern Brit/Irish Lit...but hm I'll think about it. So many lovely courses to choose from~

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