occults: (pic#1051007)
Levy ([personal profile] occults) wrote2012-08-05 02:23 am

blah blah blah

There are actually people who want me to app Helios into Distant Skies. This is truly amazing and they're not even people I know! Idek. I guess I'll give it another shot. Can't hurt, right? I'm taking him from a later canon point too. So he's 35 in this canon point.

I'm also working on a fic it's untitled because I don't even know what to call it but it's around 6 pages so far. I think I'll make it multi-parts because I hate making my shit too long. I might just write some more of it tomorrow before I unleash my hellish player plot onto Luceti. Hnng Apep!Helios is going to be so fun and crazy to play with.

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