occults: (pic#1051005)
Levy ([personal profile] occults) wrote2012-09-01 12:14 pm

blah blah blah

Okay so I get this thing where pain radiates from my elbow all the way up to my arm and idk how to fix it! It goes into my wrist and then into my thumb and middle finger and hurts like a bitch. :C It feels like carpal tunnel and I'm sure I probably have that because, well, what is my life? Aside from writing on the computer all day.

It's really annoying and I wish it would stop but. It makes writing difficult. I should probably get it checked...but you know me. I never get things checked when I should so. /procrastinates

I also wrote a story. I can't even say it's short because it was like 5,000 words or something /sob

Here it is, for anyone curious.

Also! Hope everyone has a nice labor day weekend~

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