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Story samples 100 words!

Or 100+ words because ending with 100 words kinda ends in the middle of a sentence for most of these. Also I stole this from Cata~

Lamaria Chronicles

Arestia was one of the many kingdoms within this land. They excelled in things only dreams and imaginations could conjure up. There were once dragons in Lamaria. Giant beasts who spoke the native tongue and whose claws, teeth, and scales were harvested for armor and scientific study. There was a war once were these great beasts and humans fought against one another, a war that many a scholar transcribed and wrote about. The Great War was only just the beginning of something more a new era that would throw the land into a period of mechanization and steam powered monsters.

Similar lives

"You know you should really give it a shot. She looks like she’d be your type. Just…don’t use the poems, you kinda really suck at those." Varron's encouraging voice spoke in his mind as Helios fiddled with his engagement ring. The headmaster frowned as he looked at the happy chattering of people in the town's annual speed dating contest. No. No. What was he thinking? He could never do that, never ever do that to her. It was wrong, wasn't it? Besides he was so terribly out of practice. He was a terrible human being for even thinking he could replace her.

Time Twisted

The blaring sounds of horns awoke the entire castle that night. The iridescent lights flickered from green to red meaning there had been a breach in the security, someone managed to bypass the system? But how was the real question. This was the strongest magical stronghold she knew of. That falling feeling you get in your stomach sometimes when you remember you’ve forgotten something or that you just heard some gruesome news? That’s the same feeling she was getting there and then. Something was wrong, something was very wrong and she knew it when the sounds of spells and the smell of magic filled her senses.

The Silver Goblet

Garadenia Daielka was a peaceful and by no means grandiose village. Off in the Xlex woods under the Calabarian Empire it was one of the many villages captured and renamed throughout the war. It was by no means the greatest of victories nor was it the worst for many a person ran through these parts and many a warrior for the Calabarian Empire had been founded here. It was a normal day like any other in the time of warfare although there was a brief moment of peace between Calabaria and its puppet nation Seu’dan. At war for several years now there hasn’t been this long a moment of peace between the two forces since after the breaking of the sky in the battle of Ever Yeer.


“Helios…Helios wake up.” A startled gasp escaped parched lips as the blonde haired man jolted upright in bed; his sheets were soaked with sweat product of a hideously bad dream, or was it something more? He turned to the sound of the voice green eyes widening in terror.
“What?! What is this? What’s going on…I-I don’t-” Elise’s face creased with trepidation and concern she’d never seen him like this before. He was acting so strange lately and definitely something was not right. He looked frightened those green eyes of his looking back and forth through the darkness; as if search for an answer to some unknown question reeling in his mind.

Memento Mori

“You will die in three days time. And along with it no one shall remember your name. You will become infinitesimal, minuet, insignificant to all those that you love. In three days you will be…erased from the memories of those you love.”

Memory. Cognitive thought. Remembrance. Forget. Passive subconscious. Dream. Store. Conscious. Awareness.

What does it mean to have a memory, I wonder? They’re easily tampered with…if I’m not mistaken. For when you make someone believe in something so much and so faithfully you can truly control what they think. Is it not to say then that memory is just another man made creation, built and used to achieve our own gains?

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