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Levy ([personal profile] occults) wrote2012-09-24 05:38 pm

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I haven't mentioned how much I hate my Physics class yet so I'mma just go and do that now then. Get it out of the way so people can skip my bitching and moaning.

So we use this website to do homework and reading assignments. And at first the site is made so that you get 5 attempts to do each problem. The site never takes off points for getting a question wrong, until you use up all 5 tries then you get a 0% on the question, unless your teacher changes it. So, yeah, my teacher changed it. I just now did a problem, multiple choice, and I got the question wrong once before getting it right, so 4 out of 5 attempts, and it dropped my grade to a 67%.

I am just...so done with this fucking stupid bullshit. She doesn't even care and it's like, getting it wrong once should not drop my grade to a 3.33/5.00 it's just ridiculous! And we've complained to her about it but she doesn't really give a shit so, oh well I guess. That's her usual answer. It's like as a student I am more worried about getting the right answer and the full points so I don't fail your stupid fucking class, so I will use whatever means necessary to get the right answer. Which means using yahooanswers or some other sites. It doesn't give me a challenge, it doesn't help me whatsoever, it just fucking stresses me out, you stupid bitch.

Instead of giving us 5 tries and taking off full credit, because I mean by then if you haven't worked out the problem then yeah you obviously don't know how to do it, but no you get points off anyway for guessing wrong or putting in the wrong amount of significant figures (which is also bullshit by the way). But yeah there's my little rant for the evening.

Fuck this class and fuck mastering physics.

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