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So my hands have gotten better since last week? They still hurt and I'm taking more time to rest them between using the computer. Also wearing wrist braces at night time. But I really need to go to the doctor me thinks. There's this bone deep pain that goes all the way up to my elbow...which is apparently bad. But it only happens if I go a long time without resting my hands. It's worse in my right hand, no surprise there, and yeah. xC I'll get through this. I just wish the pain would go completely away. Not sure if that's gonna happen, given my internet usage. The only thing I could do is cut out internet forever and that'll never happen. So, uh, yeah.

Anyway I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Walking Dead season premiere is on tonight. Awww yeah, excited for that.
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I'm really glad you found a proper wrist brace, Levy! And it seems like it's helping, so yay!

You do still really need to go to the doctor. Even if things are improving, this does sound indicative of something wrong. And there's n need to cut out your internet usage entirely! If this turns out to be a chronic thing, maybe you can ask Vyc what voice recognition software she uses?
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Posture, Levy! Proper posture is the key!

And oh, come on, there are plenty of other things you could do. Learn some origami! It is fun and also relaxing. And doesn't really involve wrist usage as much as finger dexterity. You can make your own origami paper with printer paper and scissors! Lord knows it's saved me from boredom.

Also, knitting! My mother has a degenerative nerve condition in her hands, and she's taken up knitting. She says it really does help and, for a first timer, she's done better than me! If you're right handed, you'll definitely have an easier time than I have.
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You don't have to give up writing, silly Levy! You just need other things to keep you from getting bored while you rest your hands. And, hey, even if typing isn't working for you that day, what about hand writing? I've always found it to be a very Zen activity. And, again - there is some easily available voice recognition software. According to Vyc, most of it's designed for American users, so you'd probably have an easier time than she's having.

That was 8th grade stitching! This is now. Seriously, knitting is a matter of mastering, like, three steps - casting on, knitting, and binding off. That is all you need to knit a scarf. Or a muffler. Or a pillow case! Or a goddamn blanket.

I will send you origami paper in my next letter.

Oh, and I thought you might appreciate this! I mentioned your trouble to Mom. She says that, as long as you follow what the doctor's tell you to do and wear a wrist brace (she didn't mention how often), early onset carpal is far from a death sentence! A friend of hers', who has had a long and productive career as a professional artist, was diagnosed in her mid thirties. She is now fifty two, and only just needing to consider surgery!

There's also a massage technique you can do that should help ease the pain.
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Really? I would have thought that would be just the thing to do. Especially if you can still type while wearing it. Well, ask the doctor, if you have a follow up appointment. No pain seems like it should always be a positive thing.

Thin and tiny wrists would be a factor against you. Less room for the carpal nerves to not get smushed by your muscles. Just massage the muscles away from the carpal nerves with your thumb - that's supposed to help!
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No, you will do what the doctor wants, young lady! Just, y'know. Don't wear the wrist brace all the time, or anything like that.

Try that! One day, I shall give you a hand massage. I've had some practice on Mom. But until we can meet, you'll just have to muddle along on your own, I'm afraid.
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Persevere, Levy! I believe in yooouuuu~.

It'll get better :3 . Don't worry. Just be patient, and take it easy, and do the thumb massage. And don't stress! Stressing makes you tense and lock-jaw-y and all that other unhappy stuff.
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I'm really glad to see your hands are feeling better. ♥ Definitely still go to the doctor, though--they might be able to prescribe anti-inflammatories to help you out.