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in which levy talks about a show

I finished the first season of Once Upon a Time. Oh gods I do not need another show to get into that airs on sundays. /sob

It's a lovely show though, for anyone who hasn't seen it. Strong female characters and kickass villains! It repeatedly punched me in my feelings too. Some of the stories and histories were just so sad. Like Rumpelstiltskin's past is really sad and depressing and I kinda love the character but he's absolutely horrible. And then there's Ruby's past which is terrible, and Grumpy's made me sad too. ):

But yeah it's a good show. I kinda like all the characters tbh. Except Regina is a super bitch and needs to learn to get over shit. >__>

I love how there were so many cameos from people in other shows. Like Jimmie Cricket's father being the mayor from Buffy. And I'm pretty sure the blind witch in the Hansel and Gretel episode was Anya's actress. But all the actors and actresses are lovely, and it's just an awesome show which I should have taken up sooner!

The only con is the...admittedly bad visuals at times. The CGI is kinda terrible, and it doesn't even blend well at all, but I can understand why, since ABC isn't a very popular channel. I don't even know what shows it usually airs aside from this. So their budget is probably really shitty. But! Aside from that...everything else is awesome.
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You'll have to let me know what you think of S2. I've found it rather hit or miss, at points, and a lot more infuriating than S1. Overall, though, I liked S1 a lot. It really knew how to do a lot with the source material.
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So, the UST between Mulan and Aurora...not just in my imagination, right? I mean, tell me as someone new to the fandom. Are they as shippable as they look?
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XD Fair enough. I know I can definitely be a bit ship happy. Especially for crack pairings~.

Any characters that you would say are your favorites?
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Everybody loves Rumpelstiltskin. Like, apparently literally everyone. I have yet to find someone who dislikes him. Not that I can complain. Robery Carlyle is fantastic. I didn't like Jefferson at first when he was being all obtuse and crazy, but he's gotten a lot better in recent episodes, now that he's interacting with people and not kidnapping and drugging Emma. Snow White is just generally awesome in any form, I especially love Ruby after her S2 centric episode. And I wish the writers loved Emma as much as we do :\ .
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I think it's partly due to the fact that he's compared to Regina, in terms of villainy. I mean, Rumpelstiltskin is pretty bad, he does some awful stuff, but he's up front about it, he's actually basically honest, and he doesn't abuse kids. Compared to Regina? Guy's pretty cool.

Everyone also wishes they'd done more with Maleficent. I wish they'd done more with Emma Caulfield, in any role. Also, there needs to be more Granny. She gets to use a shotgun in a future S2 episode. It is badass.
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That's really no excuse, not for the way she treated Henry or the way she went nuts on Snow. Like, dude, she was a kid, and you'd know better than anyone that your mother is a creepy master manipulator. Cut her a break! I'm on the fence about her redeeming herself, if only because I'm not sure it's genuine yet. It'd be nice if it is, but I hope people don't just automatically forgive her or anything like that.

Well, yeah, he makes bad choices, but it doesn't help that a lot of other people make bad choices by using his power in the first place! Although I guess it doesn't help that he is, like, the most powerful or second most powerful guy on the board. If you need help against Regina, well, he'd be a good bet. *sigh* Stupid show and making me invested in their characters.
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The Queen of Hearts? You know, I really don't. I think I was just assuming that she wasn't even in Storybrooke, since Wonderland seemed kind of off in its own dimension. But, hell, if Jefferson arrived, it makes sense that she would, too.

That said, I am now hoping that it's actually Alice. That would be so twisted up and awesome~. It would also really fit the overall tone of the series quite well, I think.
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