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Levy ([personal profile] occults) wrote2012-11-29 09:27 pm

This is a really pointless post don't mind me

So about that new Angel and Faith comic...

I don't even know what to think guys. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

/pointless post of 2012
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[personal profile] hickumu 2012-11-30 03:48 am (UTC)(link)

I don't know what is happening, Levy.

What is happening, Levy? I am behind. Tell me what is happening! Tell me right now!
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I really wanna know, Levy.

.../checks link


I'm going with "flashback" or "demonic shapeshifter" at the moment. Because that does not look quite right, and there is no goddamn way that Giles would wear lavender.
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Ethan would so totally wear lavender. Especially if he was possessing Giles' body.



I'm goin' for soulless Giles otherwise. I...literally cannot remember the last time he looked that happy. Maybe meeting the gang again in Tibet. Or "I'll see you when it's over". Or "Grave".
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Which is why True!Grune has to come in and put him out of his misery.

...damn, sensory deprivation. That's tempting.

Only if there can be angsty reconciliation afterwards! At the cabin.
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It'll be better that way, Levy. Remember the fic! Because I just...cannot imagine Giles ever looking happy ever again after getting brought back for the dead.

Or wearing lavender. Blacks and browns and sensible coats for him all the way!

Angst reconciliations are a tradition, don't'cha know. Do you want to set this in the same verse as any of the other vampire threads?
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No. Completely and utterly no. And him wearing Ethan's shirt then was a matter of life and death! Or at least preserving a bit of his dignity in the face of a greater evil (namely, being shirtless around Buffy). Which is pretty much the same thing, for Giles.

So, should we set it after the Lost Thread or after the vampire curse one? Also, would you mind setting it up? Still got homework to poke at.
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Sounds good to me! Around the area of the cabin, like, but we'll keep the bad stuff out of the place itself. Because the cabin needs to be a good place where only good things happen :c .

Maybe in the woods?
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Oh here's the link whenever you're ready to taaag.

Tell me if this is okay too?
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Hm...maybe add something about how Giles has been gone for a bit, but someone in the nearby village had mentioned seeing him go into the woods? Or something like that, something that acknowledges that Giles has been gone doing his own thing most of the day.

Man, just looking at that list, Giles is losing sense of decency, sense of empathy, sense of self, and probably sense of touch and taste just for the hell of it. A worse version of the vampire curse! I figured we'll probably mix and match for Helios, too.
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Okay! Updated it just a little bit, or a lot. It looks like a monster compared to all the empty replies people normally post.

As for Helios oh dear. I kinda want his sense of sight to go. >__> Because that makes everything ten times worse when you can't see things that are happening to you. It also heightens all your other senses! /shot
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[personal profile] consultmybooks 2012-11-30 05:16 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, yeah, sense of sight is definitely going first. Maybe followed by hearing. Lemme know if there's any others you want worked in. Because it's magic and curses. Magic and curses can do that.

Anyway, the premise I'm working with is that some malicious entity managed to activate the last of the vampire curse in Giles' brain, because that curse is bad mojo and wasn't entirely going away no matter what. Sound good?
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/sob I was thinking touch too just because oh god D8

And gosh that sounds like a good premise. I approve of this. Stupid evil entities, ruining all the good times between bros.
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...Goddammit, Hicku, now I have another plotbunny to write. /shakes fist
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XD I'd apologize, but that would require me to be sorry. It was completely unintentional, I assure you.

.../waits patiently
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You'll have a while to wait, just to warn you--I'm finishing up one right now that's probably going to be very relevant to your interests. And then after that, I want to write another one involving True!Grune and Giles first. But this is definitely going to happen, damn you.
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Oh, I figured :) . Especially if your voice is still acting funny and especially with the ones you have on the backburner that probably aren't quite as relevant to my interests. No worries, Vyc.

Still. /waits patiently