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Levy ([personal profile] occults) wrote2013-02-12 11:11 pm


Soooo I just go done reading this book Scriber by Ben S. Dobson. LET ME TELL YOU MY FEELINGS ABOUT IT.

Basically it's about a man who has been shamed for his acts of the past, and has thus put himself in a self-imposed exile of sorts. Dennon Lark is his name, and at first his character comes off as being a complete jerk ass. But he gets loads better as the story goes on. He also grows and becomes someone better as the story progresses. He's real in his mindset and reactions towards things, and he's pretty much a goddamn scaredy cat. But that's what makes him an intriguing protag. He's not the big damn hero in this book. He's the main character along with a kickass female main character named Bryndine Errynson who despite all social norms is a warrior and works in the army. She and her 20 or so female warriors basically kick major ass the entire book while they follow Dennon around to save their home of Kingsland.

BASICALLY. It's a really awesome book with an awesome female support cast and I recommend everyone give it a read. It's, uh, kinda fast pace too but the plot is intriguing. Albeit it's not the most creative things in the world but the characters make up for it, I assure you.

Anyway I gave the book five stars because I felt myself cheering on all the lovely ladies within the story because all defy the odds of the social norms in place in their land. It's more of a story about honor and preserving ones history than anything else and that makes it a rather interesting read in my opinion. If you like fantasy-ish books I'd give this one a read, it's really quite endearing.