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Whoops I haven't posted in awhile. MY BAD. I haven't really done anything too amazing. I bought Bioshock Infinite and...that's about it? I also got into Adventure Time unknowingly. I thought it was just a dumbass show that CN usually has, but it's actually pretty good and a lot darker than I thought for a kids show. So yup. That's about all I've been doing really fff. Watching that and I finished Puella Madoka Magica the other night and wow my feelings were punched into the sun. Wtf show. It was good, a lot better than most animes out nowadays.

I kinda also deleted my old musebox because I hated that name. xC

Also in terms of RP: Helios actually is getting together with some and this both amuses me and makes me happy. >3> It's about time he tries the whole relationship thing again. I think it'll go nicely. But we shall see. Luceti is a cruel, cruel place.
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Adventure Time is surprisingly morbid.
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Oooooh, you watched Puella Magi? How is it? What did you think? I only watched the last episode, to see The Ending everyone's always talking about, and it still left me in tears. Besides that, I've only ever really read the manga, because the library had the first two volumes.
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Hulu has the series, believe it or not! That's where I found it. So, no rush. Buuut I wouldn't say no, if you found a way~.

Honestly, I do think it's a really good show with a really novel idea. I know magical girl shows are hardly a fluffy genre, but this took the cake. It's been a while since I've gone "HOLY SHIT" at anything. The last page of Volume 2, with Kyuubey's fucking face and that line about how young girls who are destined to become witches and holy shit Kyuubey, you bastard.

I hope they bring over the video game sometime soon.
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There is! It's so cool - I've only seen videos for it and such on YouTube. But it's a branching path, choose-your-own adventure type game! You've got all these different routes you can take, and all these different endings! One of them even *gasp* ends happily for the girls, with all of them uniting to take out Walpurgisnacht without Madoka making a contract at all.

You can even get Mami, Kyoko, and Homura turned into witches if you play your cards wrong. They made actual witch forms for them. And it was creepy as fuck. Mami's familiars are dolls of Kyoko and Madoka.
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Oh, and just to show how wild and utterly, horrendously awful some of the alternative options are, there's one route that's a different direction for the whole "Sayaka's soul gem is now god-knows-where" arc. Namely, where Kyoko can't get it back before it speeds off on a garbage truck and everyone winds up having to comb the city searching for it. And Sayaka is technically dead all the while.

You've got three days to find it, and Kyoko even spends some of her Grief Seeds to help. Find it in more than three days, and you're fine. Find it in less...and you don't find out until Kyosuke runs away screaming, calling her a monster, because her body started rotting. And Sayaka doesn't even notice until she looks in a mirror because she hadn't felt a thing due to her getting rid of pain kick.


Man, the witches are creepy and scary as fuck. Especially the ones with backstories how they wound up that way, or "personalities" to explain their fucked up behavior. Case in point - Charlotte. God damn Charlotte. She bit Mami's head off because she thought Mami was cheese what the hell?

But they're creepy and scary as fuck in that totally morbidly fascinating way. I just spent an afternoon reading every witch's page on the wiki.
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The writer of the show, that's who! He worked on the game, too. Man, a series and a manga and two spinoffs of torturing these girls apparently wasn't enough for Gen Urobuchi. He had to join in on a video game which is in itself, like, five spinoffs.

Damn. o___o

They are! They're genuinely artistic in so many different ways, even if there's like this acid-trippy undertone - like, Elsa Maria and Charlotte look so different. I think it's the variety to all of them that helps them be so striking. It stops them becoming "generic magical girl mooks".