08 April 2013 @ 10:55 pm
Whoops I haven't posted in awhile. MY BAD. I haven't really done anything too amazing. I bought Bioshock Infinite and...that's about it? I also got into Adventure Time unknowingly. I thought it was just a dumbass show that CN usually has, but it's actually pretty good and a lot darker than I thought for a kids show. So yup. That's about all I've been doing really fff. Watching that and I finished Puella Madoka Magica the other night and wow my feelings were punched into the sun. Wtf show. It was good, a lot better than most animes out nowadays.

I kinda also deleted my old musebox because I hated that name. xC

Also in terms of RP: Helios actually is getting together with some and this both amuses me and makes me happy. >3> It's about time he tries the whole relationship thing again. I think it'll go nicely. But we shall see. Luceti is a cruel, cruel place.
Current Mood: chipper