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Levy ([personal profile] occults) wrote2012-09-04 02:03 pm

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I had this awesome as fuck dream last night. I'm not sure what sprung it on, I think the fact I've been reading Harry Dresden a lot might have to do a lot with it. But uh...basically it was about this wizard dude, and I was apparently capable of using magic too. But it focused more on the wizard dude after awhile, I am unsure if it was Helios or Harry Dresden but I'll say it was like...their student or something! So there's this grand gala going on in this weird ass hotel. (Wth is with me and hotels?) But apparently there was a mining operation going on to uncover and make these special one of a kind Mayan gold orb things? The hotel was apparently built on top of it. I remember it was around a gazebo, or a carousel, not sure which. But then shit hit the fan when people where getting ready to celebrate the prom there. Yes, prom, I dunno why it was prom and...someone summoned a demon which started to attack people. It then focused on the wizard, who I'm assuming was there to investigate this underground operation. I think the wizard guy managed to stop the demon long enough to escape, because it was powerful and had red skin, pure black eyes, curled horns, you know the whole shebang.

Other stuff happened, like a scene change to somewhere in new york because apparently the demon was attacking people who knew the wizard dude. So we went to some girl's apartment, she was like a writer or paranormal investigator. And there was a part where her tape recorder played by itself and the only thing you could hear was the demon breathing into it. WHY ARE MY DREAMS SO MESSED UP?! That is totally from Grave Peril I know it, and then I woke up, damn. I hate it when a good dream doesn't get an ending. There was also this police officer who could like talk to dogs? Idk where that came from xD It was random.

But yeah...I had to get it off my chest before the details were gone. Safe to say I liked this dream a lot it was pretty boss. >3>

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