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Levy ([personal profile] occults) wrote2012-10-01 10:44 pm

I has a story for you folks

Oh look at me. I wrote things! >:) And it will be hideous because you know me and horror~ I don't have anything else to say so...expect more updates and the weeks go on. I'mma try to finish this before the 31st. But I think I'm doing good so far. I'll keep updating and adding chapter links as the story progresses. /rolls back to writing

Title: The Town
Rating: R for blood and violence, oh and naughty language, and possibly other things along the way
Characters: OCs
Warnings: This is just a Halloween-esque story I got the idea for writing. It's a short multi-chapter, murder/horror/mystery story that hopefully won't be too easy to figure. I haven't really worked with mystery/murder stories before so...if it comes off as being bad, that's because I've never written it. And I don't typically read this kind of genre either. But hopefully I can make it somewhat entertaining~ This story also takes place 10 months after Hunted as well.

It's right here, if you dare!