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So I've been reading the Dresden Files lately. They're pretty good books, aside from Harry being an asshole sometimes. I don't know what it is but at least in the last book and the one I am currently reading he hasn't been too chauvinistic in them. His character is also...mildly annoying at certain things. Knowing he's about to die yet making wise ass remarks. Or trying to protect Murphy (a female character) when he knows she can handle herself. It's pretty apparent in the earlier books, because all he did was describe woman's bodies and how he needed to protect them. And all the woman are pretty much perfectly built in this series. Not that I usually care but >__> it's kinda unrealistic. I think the only woman who has some form of a normal body is Charity Carpenter and she's married.

BUT! Aside from the mixed feelings of how woman are portrayed in these books...they're really fun reads. I think Butcher has gotten better at it and Murphy is a kickass female secondary main character. She shot the shit out of an Incubus vampire lord! Fuck yeah. >:[

But I haven't really been doing much other reading aside from this series. I'm trying to make it to the 13th book before the 14th one comes out in November. I'm on number 7 right now. >__> Did I mention that they're short? Oh and kinda addicting. What I do love about these books is the world building. Oh god the delicious world building is fantastic. There's fae courts and vampire courts and dragons and creepy evil wizards. It's really awesome the world Butcher has created, and the magic usage, while kinda weird and wonky sometimes, is pretty awesome too.

I think if people could put aside the shaky portrayal of woman and Harry's blatant chauvinistic personality in the early books, it's a good series to read. Too bad it's Harry's personality that has a lot of people turning them away. I kinda just roll my eyes and continue reading though. There are very strong woman characters in this series though. And a lot of them are fucking creepy. But, yeah.

Also I made an account for one of the creepy ass villain dudes. NO ONE IS SURPRISED THERE! I'm secretly trying to find a game for him too.

But this is my short little review of what I've read so far! Perhaps once I'm caught up I'll write up another one. Give some details about the books separately. I hear there's a whole lot of shit that goes down in the books soon to come, so I am excited. >3>